Tecomar S.L. , (company’s fiscal identification number ), NIF B-200071155) signed, in the presence of Public Notary Mr Jose M. Segura Zurbano,in San Sebastian on March 21st 1981 with no expiry date.

The company’ s headquarters and warehouse (202 m2) is located in
Pasaia (Gipuzkoa), c/ San Pedro 12,.

Tecomar S.L.’s social object is the “consulting and trading on one’s own account or in commission of spare parts and accesories for internal combustion engines ,and in other related activities.

This does not limit the society’s total legal ability to execute any other kind of legal acts and contracts for the Spanish Defense Department, Industry,Railways,etc...

Our management and area managers, are aware that the quality offered to its clients is paramount in keeping a competitive position in the current market. Tecomar has therefore established the Company’s Aim as “satisfying clients by providing supplies and services with no defects, by given deadlines and at the lowest cost”.

To serve this policy, we’ve built an organization that committs to developing a Quality Guaranteed Policy based on the following rules: UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 and PECAL/AQAP 2130

Within this Structure every sale,supply and service will be guided by Tecomar S.L.’s Quality Guaranteed Policy.

Through the years, the company has established relationships in other areas and, has supplied all types of spare parts and technical consulting to the Spanish Defense Department (FSCM 7234B and 175BB standardized, and following the PECAL/AQAP 2130 quality rules for NATO supplies ),and RENFE (Spanish Railways). This gives an idea of the quality of our supplies.

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The Management and Responsibles of the different areas are aware that the Quality offered to the buyers is of total importance to achieve and maintain a competitive position in the current market.

Based on this consideration, TECOMAR, S.L. has defined its Business Mission as "Satisfying the Buyer -in the framework of its activity- with supplies and services without defects, within the established deadlines and at the lowest cost".

In order to serve this Policy, it has been endowed with a Quality-oriented Organization and has opted to develop a Management strategy based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and PECAL / AQAP 2130 standards.

Within the framework of this Organization all purchases, supplies and services will be subject to a set of procedures that constitute the Quality Management System of the aforementioned standards. The Quality Management System on which our Organization is based covers the purchase of products, their reception, storage and delivery to the Buyer. This orientation adopted by TECOMAR, S.L. whereby the Management, Managers and Employees acquire a responsibility commitment with this project, must be decisive to guarantee the level of Quality that the Buyer demands and expects.

The Quality Policy assumed by the Management of TECOMAR, S.L. is summarized in the following principles:

I. Quality is considered as a concern that covers all functions.
II. Permanently improve of the Quality in the products and services supplied to the buyers.

In order to achieve these principles, the following general objectives are established:
- Reduce the claims of our Buyers due to delivery delays.
- Access to other international markets with stricter Quality requirements.
- Provide confidence to all of our buyers.
- Improve the internal organization and staff training.
- Transmit an image of modernity of our Company.
- The own internal satisfaction of our Company.

In this endeavor, it is a constant concern of the Management to develop a Quality consciousness in all personnel, in order to know, understand, apply and keep up to date this Quality Policy at all levels of the organization.

Pasaia 5th October 2017